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June 13, 2018 by kitmoss

Dear friends:

I wanted to explain the presence of short stories on this blog. I think most of you know that I had a stroke four years ago. Amazingly I was able to produce two novels soon thereafter, ANGEL EYES  and A FINE BROMANCE. You can find both on Amazon.com as well as my other books.

But after that, the stroke has affected my ability to keyboard to compose. Someone very dear to me suggested that I try to wring very short “vignettes” with characters from my stories that I post for all to see on this blog. That way I keep you all entertained and familiar with my darlings and get a little practical work done for me. If I can maintain this I will accomplish a number of things, including keeping my writing in practice.


I will welcome any comments, suggestions, encouragement or whatever from anyone.

Christopher Hawthorne Moss


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