Review: Of Hope and Anguish by Silvia Violet

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March 18, 2018 by Anne Barwell

Revolutionaries #2
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 153
Characters: Eli/Jack
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Series, Historical

Jack and Eli have been separated for months while Jack gathers intelligence in Philadelphia and Eli spies on British officers in New York. When Jack has to take on the role of spymaster and work behind-the-scenes, Eli offers to insinuate himself in Philadelphia’s loyalist circles, taking Jack’s place.

As Eli works to uncover traitorous negotiations between a high-ranking American officer and the British, he cozies up to British spymaster John Andre. Jack doesn’t like Eli putting himself at risk, nor does he like seeing him fawning over a beautiful, charming man.

As the chances of the American army surviving the winter decline, tensions mount between Jack and Eli, threatening to tear them apart. They will have to rely on their love and trust for one another to make it through these harrowing months.

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Review by Anne:
I’m reading this series out of order as I haven’t read book 1 as yet but it didn’t detract from my reading experience as I found it easy to pick up on what I’d missed. However, in saying that I need to go back and read book one now!

I enjoy a well-written historical and this is the first one I’ve read set during the American War of Independence. I loved the historical details that the author has included in the story, and found the setting very easy to visualise. Eli and Jack are interesting characters, as is Constance, a strong woman who plays an important part in the story. Eli and Jack’s love for each other is obvious in the way they act, and their need for each other comes through strongly throughout, although there was one part of the story where I wanted to smack Jack for his behaviour towards Eli. The author does a good job in showing his fear of losing the man he loves and what they have together, although his behaviour almost does just that. However, I did feel that Jack is very quick to doubt Eli, but having emotions running high will do that.

Andre—an historical figure—is well written, and I liked the way he was described. It was easy to believe that Eli and Jack were on the American side as their beliefs in their cause felt very passionate and real. Randall was an interesting character, and I hope to see more of him, and his relationship with Constance.

I’d recommend Of Hope and Anguish to readers who enjoy erotic historical romances with interesting characters and a mix of action/drama.

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