REVIEW: The Stablehand’s Submission

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November 4, 2017 by kitmoss

51jethbrrjlThe Stablehand’s Submission by Alec Stark


Publisher: Artesian Well Publishing (July 2, 2017)

Publication Date: July 2, 2017

Sold by:Macmillan



Stablehand Joseph has been in love with his strong, handsome employer, Lord Ashcroft, since he first realized he prefers men. When his master catches him neglecting his duties in a most shocking manner, Joseph is willing to do anything to avoid being sacked. He eagerly submits to his master’s punishment, and to the man’s other desires as well. Although his lordship is kind, he is not gentle, and Joseph will be stretched to the limits of his endurance. Being taken and sternly disciplined by his master is his fantasy come to life.
This steamy M/M historical BDSM short story is for a mature audience. 
Author’s note: This book was previously released as The Stable-Hand’s Submission under a different pen name.



Simple and direct, this story has the lord of the manor come home and find his stableman relieving himself of the erection the master inspired.  The two men get it on.  That’s it.

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