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December 5, 2016 by kitmoss

51tstfoegdlUntil Thanksgiving (Holiday Tales Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Michael Rupured

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (December 16, 2012)


Review written by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Michael Rupured begins his series of books about life in Washington, DC, with this sequel to one good deed and Independence Day that takes place in the 1990s. The one consistent character is Philip Potter, who is at retirement age in this novel. He has done incredibly well for himself and for all the young men that he took in off the streets in the earlier and this novel. One of the pleasures of these books is coming on characters you met in later novels and finding out what happened to them, for example young Thad, Philip Potter’s nephew, and the love interest for this book’s character Josh Freeman.

Josh is in Washington, DC, to take a promotion for the law office that he had worked for in Lexington, Kentucky. He’s just left a very unhappy seventeen-year relationship that did a royal number on his self-esteem. Much to his surprise, in DC he finds himself sought after by most of the unattached in a few-attached gay-man city. The person he wants is Thad, but he thinks that he is involved with the man who is actually his uncle. Josh and Thad dance around each other until they both know the truth—that they’re both into each other. But then a serial killer who is targeting gay men comes on the scene.

I just discovered Rupured’s three novels, out of chronological order, but I have to say I really like them in that order. Philip Potter is an inspiring character who has devoted his life rescuing young gay boys from lives on the street. When in one of the other novels he connects with one of the attorneys, the trust they set up proves lucrative and providential. As you meet the young man the two men rescue you get to know just what toss these poor souls onto the street, watch them suspiciously approaching their benefactors, and then finding proper places in today’s society. It’s a joy to see these few prospering. In this particular novel you see the fruits of the foundation but not newly rescued boys. You do however see a couple of men who could’ve been saved by Philip and George.

I recommend these three books to anyone into gay romance and desiring a look at a better world.

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