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December 2, 2016 by kitmoss

61inls2bl7llDelaney and the Autumn Masque (Victorian Holiday Hearts Book 4)

by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee

Publisher:  Duet Publishing; 1 edition (October 3, 2016)


Review written by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Another wonderfully charming holiday tale by Devon and Dee, who are the masters of Regency or Victorian male pairings. This one is part of the Andrews family saga, as with Mike, Christopher, and Will, about a family that takes in orphans and raises them to perform in their theater. It happens to be a large and loving family that supports its gay members. That is how you get these wonderful couples, in this case Delaney and Bartholomew Bancroft.  Bancroft is the younger son of a wealthy family, whose real love is designing exquisite jewelry. His older brother rejects him because he doesn’t see Bartholomew as contributing anything to the estate in whose hands he’s been left. After meeting Delaney in the costume of a sleight-of-hand magician at a party, Bancroft gets the idea to ask Delaney to help him get back the jewelry and gems that were stolen by a highly manipulative former lover.

Now both Delaney and Bancroft don’t believe that two men can ever be together. But during the time they spend together, they find in each other those admirable characteristics that enhance physical joy. When Delaney helps Bancroft break into a party at the lover’s house, both are amazed to realize how protective of each other and how fond of each other they have become.


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