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November 30, 2016 by kitmoss

51ivafzm8wlMost Beautiful Words by Raine O’Tierney

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (October 10, 2014)


Review written by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

This is a loving and moving novel of two young men separated by death, whose love lives on in secret in the life of the survivor. Somewhat reminiscent of “Tell the Wolves I’m Home” by Carol Rifka Brunt.  In this novel, twelve-year-old Autumn watches her Great-Pop, Tommy Johnson, who is in the hospital dying. Slowly she learns about his life and his childhood love, a young boy who died quite suddenly in the bloom of youth. The story involves her interest in the gay love affair and her coming to terms that her grandfather tried to live a life which was exemplary while remaining true to his original lover. Watching Autumn grow from a naïve girl to a loving and understanding young woman is as beautiful as watching the two young man come together, become separated, and then find each other again. Sorry for the spoiler.

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