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July 22, 2016 by kitmoss


by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee

Publisher:  Duet Publishing (February 13, 2014



Visiting a wealthy friend during university holiday, Stephen wakes to find his bed invaded by a late arriving, drunken houseguest stumbling into the wrong room. From this dubious beginning, a romance slowly develops.

At first Lord Peter Northrup is only interested in the young man as a lusty diversion. He tutors him in secret pleasures shared by men like them, intending to keep their special liaison brief, light, and temporary. But after Northrup leaves, he can’t forget the young man who managed to touch his jaded heart.

During their time apart, Peter and Stephen change, and when they meet again, their affair flames hotter than ever. Can a peer of the realm and a middle-class young man bearing heavy responsibilities maintain a lasting relationship? Will Peter accept the possibility of true love in his shallow life, and will Stephen risk everything and trust a man who’s already hurt him once?

This is a previously published book.

Warning: Strong language and erotic content.

REVIEW by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

This is another Uranian cross-class romance that manages to turn into a quite lovely love story. I highly recommend this one.

In this case you meet two quite dissimilar fellows. One is Lord Northrup, who has settled into a society of gentlemen who do not connect, who do not engage, but simply take their pleasure as it comes, without becoming emotionally involved. When Lord Northrup walks into his usual guest room at the Platts’ house, a week early for the usual weekend to botch, he finds a boy in his bed. He is delighted. He quickly learns that this is no bonus for his debauched weekend but rather another houseguest planned for a less outrageous visit. It is Stephen, the Platts’ son’s college buddy, but he gets Ace’s second surprise when it turns out that Stephen is only too happy to make love. You follow this pallid romance until Northrup decides to leave Stephen and go back to London, leaving Stephen confused and hurt.

Fast forward several months to find Stephen, who has had time to think about what Northrup said to him about the coolness of Ben’s relationships and to try out a few of the things he’s learned, happening on the older man had a gambling establishment. Northrup has been very dissatisfied with his love life lately. There was something about Stephen, his joy in life, his excitement about new things, and his passion that have made all other encounters pale by comparison. He and Stephen spend the night together, and basically Northrup’s goose is cooked. After a few misunderstandings the two men begin to talk to each other and realize that a love relationship is developed between them.

Then Stephen’s father becomes ill, and Stephen has to face up to some familial obligations. Will Northrup be able to tear him away from his sense of duty not only to be with him but also to be the man he wants to be.

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