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April 17, 2016 by kitmoss

his request

His Request by Ava March

Publisher: TKA Distribution (March 17, 2015)

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Story length: approximately 7,700


wordsSequel to HIS CLIENT

Life in the English countryside is better than Jasper Reed could have ever hoped. His garden is flourishing, he has Nathaniel Travers in his bed most nights, and his lover has become his neighbor.

When Nate suggests they play ‘the physician and his patient’, Jasper eagerly agrees. The erotic game proves just the thing to fill the rainy summer afternoon. Yet Nate’s request after their game is over gives Jasper pause, stirring up old doubts and making him question if he is indeed first in Nate’s heart.

This free short story is a sequel to His Client. This story is also available on the author’s website.
Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.


REVIEW by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

This novella falls outside the usual Ava March bondage novellas, but the charm of the intimacy of the two men, one socially ranked but the other a former male prostitute, contains a lot of the special nature of many of the MM romance novellas. Clearly this is a love match, and the tenderness and affection between them is the reason for this story. Nate and Jasper do not live in Nate’s country house as master and servant respectively, but rather as a couple. But when Nate asks Jasper to come to London with him to meet his former crush, Jasper balks. He decides that Nate is sincere, wants to show Jasper he is completely in love with him, so Jasper agrees.

[SPOILER] As a result Jasper learns a welcome lesson, that Nate is thoroughly over the friend, who is now married to a woman, and Jasper is completely satisfied with their partnership.

Proofread by One Love Editing.

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